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Self catering and walking holidays
Cortijo Opazo
Cortijo Opazo 

The Dogblog

This month, Rosie, the gorgesous puppy at Cortijo Opazo, makes an apearance in her very own guest blog

Hi, it’s me, I’m Rosie.  I have just had my 6 month birthday, and like a Dickensian chimney sweep the family have decided it’s time to put me to work, so I am writing a guest blog.  Oska is taking a back seat and Ella is concentrating on being quiet - which believe me seems to take a lot of effort.

Not sure what to write in a blog, not even sure what writing is, but I am ably assisted by one of the tall people who live with me.  I was told about this blog way back in December, informed that I would have to write the first one of the 2018, and just yesterday I was reminded in very certain terms that now it was March I could prevaricate no longer - I wonder what prevaricate means?  So, a blog, I am told, is just my thoughts and observations written for others to read.  Really? It would be a pretty varied menu if I actually did this steam on consciousness rambling (“Chew toy, oh, other chew toy, oh, there’s Oska, pull his ear, what’s that noise, yap yap, there’s that other chew toy, why is Ella growling, can I go out now?  Time to go out really, I need to oh oh, too late. Chew toy?”).

In a more formal style, I can say that I have observed quite a lot since moving here to my home at Cortijo Opazo, a move from Valladolid to Granada.  A lot of people seem to come and go here, arriving in strange cars and often carrying large bags.  My tall companions show me off to them, and I try and find time to wriggle on my back and look cute - this is a sure winner.  These unknown people stay for awhile then they leave, but they always seem pleased and relaxed by the time they depart, many of them commenting on some lovely aspect or other of their stay. I’ve often heard mention the delicious food they tried.  Maybe they like the new decor in one of the rental accommodations here - the tall ones spent quite a lot of time doing what they called a makeover for the apartment ‘El Lujar’.  They did a similar thing to their pad on the coast, in La Herradura, and said how much smarter it looks, but I quite liked it how it was anyway.  When not wielding a paint brush or ‘antiquing’ a piece of furniture, these guys spend all their time out in the garden, no matter what the weather is - and there has been an awful lot of weather this year. I’m told they have to get it ready to open to visitors for Easter weekend, but it already looks good to me.  Of course, I help out with the digging and I try to look after their tasty leather gardening gloves, but my efforts are not always appreciated.

Makeover for El Lujar, hope you like the new colour shceme



Little bit of furniture 'antiquing' going on here as we try to establish a lighter tone to the accommodation



Bit of a revamp of the  La Herradura flat, but the fabulous views remain unchanged.



Even though we don't have visitors to the garden during this season there is still a lot of winter interest to be found



There's been a lot of weather around this year



The garden, sleeping briefly under a blanket of snow


There are two other dogs here, Oska and Ella.  I get on just fine with Oska, we play and run about, and he lets me share his bed.  Ella doesn’t seem so keen on me, but I keep trying to ingratiate myself with her by jumping up and down in front of her, trying to lick her on the mouth.  I know she is quite old, so just in case she can’t see me I yap continually as I am doing this.  She replies in a rather snappy growl, but I guess this means that she is getting to like me?  I’m a dachshund puppy, what’s not to like?  I’ve started to go on the morning walk with my other companions, and am told that when I’m older they will make me up to the high Sierra Nevada mountains; no idea where they are, but I hope they are warm because I do like the heat.

Always willing to help out in the garden



Aren't we just the cutest thing!



Here's Ella, advancing in years. Not always sure she likes me.

All in all I think I have landed on my four feet by being at Cortijo Opazo, the food is good and arrives regularly, I have constant and changing company, the accommodation is comfortable and the views are fantastic.  I feel free to run around the large garden as I please and I am just getting to know about the fabulous walking available.  So that suits me, how about you?


Yours, looking forward to summer,



Going on elsewhere.

Vegetable garden all prepared for the year ahead

Rosie, enjoying the heat

Spending time developing our baking skills

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