Self catering and walking holidays
Self catering and walking holidays
Cortijo Opazo
Cortijo Opazo 

July 2023 - The Dogblog - it's all about our dogs!

Sad departures and new arrivals

This is me, Rosie!  Chief dachshund at Cortijo Opazo.  The gauntlet - or should I say pawlet - of the Dogblog has now fallen to me and it’s taken me awhile to adjust - these huge paws are not adept at using a keyboard.  

Last year, 2022, was a difficult year for the family here at Cortijo Opazo as we said 'goodbye' to members of our beloved family.  


Ella, our beloved mixed race dog and sounder of the morning alarm, barked her last bark in June then said a cheerful farewell to us all at the grand age of 17 years.  Even though she could not longer stand or make it to the door any more, she still knew exactly what the time was when five o’clock feed time arrived, even on her last day.

Oska, guardian of the front of the house and fearless cat chaser, succumbed to his prolonged heart disease and left us in October.  His complex medication kept him going for as long as possible, but in the end his little heart just gave out on him.  Brave until the end.

Which meant that where there were once three, there remained just me. Rosie the cutey, having to fill in for the whole team.  So it’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you my new brother, a fellow dachshund with a pedigree from a breeder in Alicante.  Here is Dexter at 2 months old.

I gave him a cool reception at first, well, he has to know his place, but look at him, he’s adorable.  Less than 48 hours after his arrival at Cortijo Opazo we were playing, chasing around and tumbling across the floor.  One bonus that I can see is that the tall ones have bought a whole new range of dogs chew toys to keep him amused.  Little do they know I am secretly hiding each one away so that when he is sleeping I can have a private chew of my own.

It’s the height of summer here, and 2023 is supposed to be the hottest year, ever.  It’s been pretty warm up here in the mountains, but nothing we can’t handle - and we are covered in fur!  So, join us for a refreshing mountain break.  Before long the walking season will be with us and I’ll be showing Dexter all the great routes.  Come and join us!  We have availability in Autumn.

Now, don’t forget, the tall ones are trying to plan their retirement - well, they are now so old - and in view of this they are in the process of selling Cortijo Opazo, lock stock and kennel.  You can find our more about it by following this link - CORTIJO OPAZO FOR SALE - but more importantly if you know anyone who would love to take on this fabulous project and steer in a new and exciting direction, then you know what to do.  Dogs are not included in the sale - although it could be an option if we like the look of you.


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