Self catering and walking holidays
Self catering and walking holidays
Cortijo Opazo
Cortijo Opazo 

Cookery at Cortijo Opazo - it's on fire!

If you've read any of my blogs before - and I admit it has been a good time since I wrote one - then you will know that I often comment on the food here at Cortijo Opazo.  Ella, Rosie and I watch in admiration as the various tempting creations appear and disappear out of the kitchen here, but I wanted to tell you all about a much more paws on food experience you can enjoy.  William, principle cook and all round creative person, has developed a cookery course experience all based around our wood fired oven.

Now entering his third year of offering such courses, we canines think he has probably got it just about right by now and are hoping to sign up for one ourselves.  If successful we will enjoy a full day's course, starting at about 10.00 am and going on until roughly 16.30 in the afternoon.  During the day we have been told that not only will we learn about the art of lighting and running a wood fired oven, we will also be introduced to the techinique of cooking in one, and not just bread.  We will be preparing a full meal, from starter, main course and on to dessert, with some tasty snacks along the way.  We will also be taking some of our baking home with us.   Not bad, I think!

The beauty of the wood fired oven here at Cortijo Opazo is that it is huge, plenty big enough for a our Christmas turkey this year, with all the trimmings, plus a whole lot more.  What a feast we enjoyed on Christmas day, we think it is about time we learnt how to achieve this ourselves.  We are hoping that we can have some in put to the menu, and are looking forward to our very own home cooked hot dogs, baked cat fish, a 'pawcini' mushroom risotto with a selection of apetising 'canine-pés' wrapped in 'fido' pastry.

The wood fired oven cookery courses are run as part of the'food to fork' activities of Jardin de la Alpujarra, and as such use as much fresh produce from the garden as possible.  We will even have a chance to pick some of our home grown ingredients.  You can read more about the courses here. 


The dates for 2020 are:


May 9th

June 13th

September 26th 

October 17th


With a maximum of 8 students you are bound to get some quality paws on experience and generally have a great day, cooking chatting and eating.  You never know, one of the canine's from Cortijo Opazo may be on the same course as you so we can share a spatula.


If you want to know who really enjoyed one of these courses, it was local writer Chris Stewart.  You can see his reaction in the video below.

So, if you happen to be in the area, why not book yourself a date.  Better still coincide a return to Cortijo Opazo with one of these dates, and soak up the whole culinary flavour of the place.  You know we will be here to greet you and make you feel at home.


More information about our wood fired oven course


Email enquiry regarding wood fired oven cooking course


Booking a stay at Cortijo Opazo

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