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Self catering and walking holidays
Cortijo Opazo
Cortijo Opazo 

Rosie! An early Christmas surprise.

Blog written by Oska, dachshund in charge at Cortijo Opazo

My two legged companions went away recently, and spent two weeks travelling around other parts of Spain.  They called it a holiday but I really wouldn't know what one of those was since I never get to go anywhere exciting.  I am told that it is normal to bring back souvenirs when you go away, or perhaps a present for those left behind who were not lucky enough to enjoy two weeks of fine dining and beautiful scenery. Well, bring something back they did, and Ella and I are not at all sure about the whole situation.

Ella, looking a bit worried, not sure about the whole situation

It's not that we are frightened of change, but we are concerned about what change might bring.  Ella is now the old fathful retainer and I am the cute quirky one of the whole outfit.  But what's going to happen now, now that there is a stranger in our midst.


First, let me reming you of how endearing we were as puppies, Ella and I.

Ella, arrived at Cortijo Opazo in 2005, then Oska joined the team in 2012



We get on well together, mostly, I know when it's best to avoid Ella and she knows when to leave me alone, mostly.  A perfect relationship!  So, what effect are these changes going to have on this balance?  The change I am referring to are the arrival of another four legged puppy.  

Introducing Rosie!

Born on August 29th 2017, she is just the cutest puppy you could ever wish to see and has quickly taken centre stage at Cortijo Opazo.  I know that having seen this picture you will have no interest in reading anything else I have to say, so just have a visual Rosie feast.

No doubt she will make a very special contribution to the household, and you are welcome to visit to see for yourself.  You can even leave her a special message below if you wish, but in the meantime, she can share my bed and I will do my best to teach her the ropes.

Regards from a very caring Oska.

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  • Vernon and Nola (Monday, November 27 17 07:31 pm GMT)

    How good of you to share your bed, Oskar.
    Rosie has to be one of the luckiest daschunds in Spain. To be living in such a lovely place and sharing a home with you, Ella and your caring masters.
    We enjoyed you taking us for walks, Oskar, when we looked after you and Ella when your masters were away. We look forward to doing so again in 2018 and meeting Rosie before Christmas. Now be good, Oskar.

  • Alan (Monday, November 27 17 09:04 pm GMT)

    Was this a planned addition to the family? Or just one of those holiday things? Very cute, whichever !

  • Cath and John Ashworth (Tuesday, November 28 17 03:55 pm GMT)

    Well Oska I am sure that you and Ella have lots to teach Rosie - maybe try and miss out chasing the ibex up scree slopes barking like lunatics for now anyway. Snuggling with the 2 legged ones on the setee at this time of year is a good place to start in your lesson. Hopefully Sherry and Buddy can return to see you all in the future.

  • Lynda Brown (Sunday, December 17 17 12:01 pm GMT)

    How cute is Rosie. Bet she is spoiled by two legged and four legged friends.

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